Amazonite - The stone of hope & self-confidence

Amazonite - The stone of hope & self-confidence

Amazonite is a mineral of the feldspar group and more specifically the potassium feldspar. It is part of the triclinic crystal system and has a vitreous luster. It is a semi-precious gemstones which most commonly is found in a blue-green colour.

Amazonite is one of the stones that don’t belong to the traditional birthstone chart. It doesn’t belong to the modern chart either and it is not one of the main Zodiac stones. However, some authors believe that it can suit people born in the Zodiac signs of Aries and Leo, as well as Scorpio in certain cases.

Amazonite History & Legends

Amazonite most likely took its name from the river Amazon where it was first found. Other legends suggest that Amazonite may have been named after Amazons, the female Amazonian warriors from the Bronze age. Amazons were allegedly known for their habit of giving green coloured stones to the men they came in contact with. The legend also suggests that it was the stone that lined the shields of the legendary warrior princesses.

The ancient Egyptians used this stone extensively - for them Amazonite was a stone of courage and personal power. It was one of the six most precious stones of their ancient civilisation. The Egyptians made beautiful jewelry, ornamental pieces and carved important texts into this stone.

In Mesopotamia, Amazonite was offered to Tiamat, goddess of the brine and of the oceans.

Amazonite Healing Properties

Amazonite is the stone of hope that boosts self-confidence. It is linked to the Throat Chakra and it encourages you to set up flawlessly sound limits and move towards the light unaffected from the judgements of others.

It can be the most astonishing gemstone for weaving together every frayed passionate string. Alleviating restless demeanours and foolish considerations is the thing that this stone does best. By taking advantage of both mind and instinct, Amazonite can carry better lucidity and legitimacy to the spirit.

Amazonite helps find that positive twist when needed. It's a gemstone that approaches the soul of inward quality, amplified goal and a promise to utilising that can-do demeanour to get what you need.

When it comes to physical healing properties, Amazonite, with it's relaxed vibes, can assist with offsetting thyroid issues. It can also assist in retaining calcium better, perfect for individuals that lack calcium. In addition to boosting the bones, higher calcium levels can likewise enable the hair to become sparkling and solid.

It is also considered to help recovery from injuries and sickness, as it is supposed to help cells recover, giving the ideal jolt of energy for healing. Scouring the cooling contact of Amazonite over a rash can likewise help keep it clear and mitigated and the individuals who battle with skin conditions and even skin break out may find that Amazonite assists with bringing back a flush of clear and dynamic wellbeing.

Amazonite works legitimately against propensities for self-disregard, welcoming you to consistently put yourself first. By tapping into both intellect and intuition, Amazonite is able to bring clarity and authenticity to the soul. When we become comfortable in our skin and connect to our truest selves, we get the opportunity to take a spiritual leap and to open our minds and hearts to infinite possibility.

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